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Aerocel EPDM: We Are Different And Better

Foam rubber insulation products may look alike but they are not the same. Aerocel provides highly flexible, lightweight, EPDM-based elastomeric insulation products. The tightly formed, closed-cell structure makes it an efficient insulation retarding heat gain or loss, and controlling condensation formation on cold-water plumbing, chilled water, and refrigeration lines.

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Cel-Link II For Low-VOC Sealing And Closure

Cel-Link II can be used as a high strength, nearly zero VOC, fast and easy-to-apply method for joining the transverse seams of Aeroflex USA’s Stay-Seal with Protape (SSPT) insulation product. Used together with SSPT and Protape, Cel-Link II acrylic adhesive combines to make up the Stay-Seal closure system.

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Reduce Project Costs With SSPT

Stay-Seal® with Protape® (SSPT) affords the most secure self-seal, dual-tape closure available. SSPT and Aeroflex USA’s Cell-Link II adhesive with Protape system combines to make up the Stay-Seal closure system; a near zero perm, zero moisture penetration system for Aerocel elastomeric insulation products.

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Aeroflex USA's Aerocel EPDM is perfectly suited for these projects and is becoming the material of choice for several major VRV/VRF manufacturers.

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Why our products are superior

Since water has a relatively high thermal conductivity, a key factor for insulation performance and durability is keeping the insulation dry. Foam rubber insulation may look similar from one brand to another, but the differences between our EPDM-type foam rubber and our competitors' products become apparent soon after installation. EPDM is a non-polar material and it repels water at a molecular level, and therefore maintains superior insulating performance over the project lifetime. Our competitors' products utilize a polar form of rubber which over time will draw moisture into the insulation resulting in degraded insulation performance and often will ultimately require replacement.

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