Aerocel Stay-Seal with Protape (SSPT)

The quickest installation in the industry

The best closure system in the world, Aerocel® Stay-Seal® with Protape (SSPT) is a self-sealing, dual-direction adhesive that maintains its seal in the harshest of conditions. With Aerocel® SSPT, your installations will be 300-400% faster.

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1. EPDM-based self-adhesive closure
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2. Specially made for adhering the seams of AEROCEL® tubes
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3. Provides extraholding strength to the seams
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4. Prevents atmospheric moisture from penetrating the seams
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Insist on Stay-Seal® with Protape (SSPT) and you'll get:

Higher profits
Lower job costs
No failures - no callbacks costs
Installation integrity
Quick turn-around
Best range of sizes
ID's 1/4" to 16" IPS
Wall thickness 3/8" to 4"

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