No glue. No fumes. No mess.

Speed up your installations 300-400% with Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II®*.

Introducing Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II®* with Stay-Seal® with Protape® (SSPT)+, the fastest and easiest way to install elastomeric insulation. Watch Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II Comparison video.

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How does it work

Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II® is a unique, two-part sealing system. It uses a specially formulated, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive meant to perform in low and high temperature environments where standard contact adhesives cannot be used.


  •  300-400% faster installations
  •  No mess
  •  Exceeds LEED requirements
  •  Low VOCs
  •  Works when wet adhesives won't
  •  CA 01350 Classroom Standard
  •  No glue to dry
  •  UV resistant
  •  Quick and easy to install


Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II®* is easy to install, you'll lower installation costs and keep job costs as estimated. Watch the installation video to see how easy it is to install Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II®*

Perfect for conditions where standard contact adhesive methods cannot be used, Aeroflex USA Cel-Link II®* is supplied for insulation thickness of 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2", and in popular ID sizes up to 10" IPS.

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* Patent Pending.

+ Cel-Link II® is only meant for use with Aerocel® Stay-Seal® with Protape® (SSPT). The Stay-Seal® closure system is a pressure sensitive adhesive system, and contaminants will cause failure. Dust, dirt, moisture, and lubricants must not be allowed to contaminate the system during installation. For more about SSPT, click here.