Aeroflex USA, Inc. Introduces Aerocel® ULP® Flexible Elastomeric Insulation


Aeroflex USA, Inc. has developed Aerocel® ULP® closed-cell EPDM insulation, offering the best water vapor and water resistance in the industry.

Aeroflex USA, Inc. introduces the newest version of Aerocel® EPDM elastomeric flexible closed-cell foam insulation. This newest introduction is called Aerocel® ULP®, that delivers exceptional water and water vapor transport properties, offering a permeance value of .005 perm-inch, and a water absorption rate of .01% by volume. Aerocel® ULP has been tested using both the wet cup and dry cup methods of determining water vapor permeance detailed in ASTM E96. Aerocel® ULP® offers moisture resistance performance better than any vapor retarder on the market, and a perm rating far lower than all rigid plastic foams or other elastomeric insulations. Aerocel® ULP® is a vapor retarder, helping ensure that the insulation system remains sealed against moisture. Offering ease of installation, a high level of energy efficiency, and superior moisture resistance, Aerocel® ULP® is the ideal choice for cost-effective installations on all low-temperature system insulation jobs, especially in high humidity and high temperature climates.

Aerocel® ULP® is 38% more efficient than the next most-moisture-resistant insulation material, cellular glass. Less thickness of Aerocel® ULP® can be used, while delivering the exceptional water and water vapor resistance desired for low temperature insulation systems, delivering high-level, constant, long-term insulating efficiency. Aerocel® ULP® does not contribute to and helps prevent corrosion under insulation, will not promote metal corrosion, and is not abrasive to system components.

Aerocel® ULP® is the ideal insulation for all below-ambient mechanical systems, operating as low as -320°F, including chilled water, retail food case refrigeration, industrial refrigeration applications, glycol, brine, ammonia refrigeration, industrial gases, liquid methane, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and liquid oxygen systems.

Aerocel® ULP® delivers a excellent fire safety properties, having been rated as SELF-EXTINGUISHING , will not support micro-organisms, and does not contain CFC’s, HFC’s and HCFC’s. This newest creation is 99+% closed-cell material, provides no food source for birds or vermin, is stable over a wide range of conditions, and contributes to sustainable building practices, including LEED® and LBC®.

Aerocel ULP is available as sheets, rolls, and the widest range of diameter and thickness combinations. With the ease of installation, the high level of energy efficiency, and the superior moisture resistance, Aerocel ULP is the ideal choice for cost-effective installations on all low and dual temperature system insulation jobs.

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About Aeroflex USA, Inc.:

Aeroflex USA, Inc. is a leading North American producer of flexible closed-cell rubber insulation products. Aeroflex USA, Inc.’s facilities are in Sweetwater, TN, where these insulation products are produced and distributed to North, Central and South America. Aeroflex USA, Inc. started in business in 1999, and is a subsidiary of Eastern Polymer Group, Bangkok Thailand. Eastern Polymer Group is the world’s leading producer and developer of EPDM rubber products used for thermal and acoustical insulation. Further contact with Aeroflex USA, Inc. may be made by e-mailing or calling 423-337-2493.