Aeroflex USA, Inc. Introduces Cel-Link® II


Aeroflex USA, Inc. has developed a new and revolutionary method of joining Aerocel® Stay-Seal™ with Protape™ pipe insulation.

Sweetwater, TN June 30, 2014 – Aeroflex USA, Inc. created a revolutionary method for joining sections of their proprietary dual-direction pressure-sensitive closure pipe insulation, Aerocel® Stay-Seal™ with Protape™ (SSPT). This is an innovation the insulation community has been requesting for many years. The new creation is called Cel-Link® II, formed by using a high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive. Cel-Link® II is now being included, as a standard, in boxes of Aerocel® SSPT pipe insulation. Aeroflex USA, Inc. strives to provide the market with the most productive and longest lived elastomeric insulation systems available. Cel-Link® II provides the installer with a method of completing projects with the best cost, in harsh conditions, in critical environments where liquid adhesives present problems, in low VOC applications like LEED® certified projects. Cel-Link II can be installed in temperatures as low as 0°F, and provides in-place service from -50°F to +257°F. No other joining method like Cel-Link® II exists for elastomeric insulation.

Because of the low VOC emissions and higher service temperature, Aerocel® SSPT with Cel-Link® II makes the best pipe insulating system for the most aggressively growing kind of HVAC systems in North America — variable refrigerant flow(VRF) ductless split systems. The producers of these types of systems require pipe insulation that can serve continuously up to 248°F, since these systems can operate at these elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Aerocel® SSPT with Cel-Link® II is the only elastomeric pipe insulation that allows the contractor to meet these stringent service requirements with a standard product and a self-sealing closure, providing a low VOC installation, in the unique range of sizes needed for these systems.

Cel-Link® II is patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Aeroflex USA continues to support and reinforce our position as the world’s leader in EPDM closed-cell foam elastomeric insulation, and innovation for foamed elastomeric insulation. Aeroflex USA. Inc. continues to expand the size range of pipe insulation which is supplied with Cel-Link® II as a standard. Call your Aeroflex USA representative to obtain a sample of Cel-Link® II, the biggest revolution in insulation sealing systems in years. More information about Aeroflex USA’s Cel-Link™ II can be found here. A short installation video can be viewed at Aeroflex USA’s YouTube channel:

Aeroflex USA, Inc. produces elastomeric thermal and acoustical insulation used in buildings, appliances, commercial and residential heating and cooling equipment, and other specialty applications. Many changes are taking place in the mechanical and specialty insulations industry. Aeroflex USA’s new developments are responsive to the need for changing products. Cel-Link® II represents another of these innovations, in a long list of innovations: EPDM for thermal insulation, dual-direction, over-lapping self-seal closure, pipe insulation ID’s over 6” IPS, wall thicknesses over 1”, high-strength, lightweight, easy-to-install rigid pipe hanger supports, standard elastomeric product that will not accelerate stress corrosion cracking or corrosion-under-insulation.

About Aeroflex USA, Inc.

Aeroflex USA, Inc. is a leading United States producer of flexible cellular rubber insulation products. Aeroflex USA, Inc.’s facilities are in Sweetwater, TN, where these insulation products are produced and distributed to North, Central and South America. Aeroflex USA, Inc. started in business in 1999, and is a subsidiary of Eastern Polymer Group, Bangkok Thailand. Eastern Polymer Group is the world’s leading producer and developer of EPDM rubber products used for thermal and acoustical insulation. Further contact with Aeroflex USA, Inc. may be made by e-mailing or calling 423-337-2493.