Aeroflex USA Now a GFA Member! Aeroflex USA is pleased to be a part of the Gasket Fabricators Association, as a newly accepted Supplier member


Sweetwater, TN May 24, 2016 – Aeroflex USA, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a Supplier member to the Gasket Fabricators Association (GFA) as of May 4, 2016. Aeroflex USA’s corporate offices and factory are located near Knoxville, TN, making EPDM closed-cell flexible elastomeric foam, in varying thicknesses under the Aerocel® tradename. Aeroflex USA maintains inventory in multiple locations around the United States to provide timely service to fabricators for both flat material and tubes. Aeroflex USA produces rolls and sheets, with and without PSA or facings, and produces tubes in the widest range of sizes available. All Aerocel® products are Made in USA, meeting all NAFTA trade and tariff regulations.

Aeroflex USA makes a logical choice for the fabricator for many reasons. Aerocel® EPDM closed-cell flexible elastomeric foam offers superior performance to other EPDM or EPDM-blends of foams. Aerocel® sheet, roll and tube closed-cell EPDM flexible elastomeric foam is designed to provide thermal and/or acoustical control in heated and/or cooled and ambient-environment applications. Aerocel® EPDM closed-cell flexible elastomeric foam provides sealing properties in gasketing applications. Aerocel® provides exceptional fabrication and workability properties in both die-cutting and water-jet cutting applications, while being highly conformable for irregular shaped surfaces. Aerocel® offers superior insulation value, greater strength properties, higher temperature performance, actual extended-exposure weather testing, superior water-transport resistance, non-corrosive nature, and superior fire-response properties. Aerocel has been thoroughly tested for many key properties associated with cellular flexible elastomeric foam, using ASTM D 1056, ASTM C 534, ASTM C 1534, and certain other applicable standards. Aerocel meets the needs of the most-recent REACH and RoHS regulations.

The range of uses for Aerocel has recently been expanded, especially toward Transportation applications. Aerocel® standard product has had appropriate IMO/SOLAS, ABS and DNV commercial marine applications approvals for many years, eliminating the need for special and more costly materials from others. Aeroflex USA, Inc. recently completed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Standard FMVSS 302 testing for Flammability of Interior Materials and ASTM E 162 Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source and ASTM E 662 Standard Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials on Aerocel®, up to 1” thickness. Aerocel® is also UL 94 classified for use as a recognized component. The wide-ranging array of certifications and tests makes Aeroflex USA’s Aerocel® widely useful to the fabrication industry.

Aeroflex USA, Inc. looks forward to working with the GFA membership to meet the newest challenges being delivered by recent legislation and regulation related to product composition, life-safety and energy efficiency for your current needs and upcoming projects.

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About Aeroflex USA, Inc.:
Aeroflex USA, Inc. is the leading United States producer of EPDM flexible cellular rubber insulation products. Aeroflex USA, Inc.’s facilities are in Sweetwater, TN, where these insulation products are produced and distributed to North, Central and South America. Aeroflex USA, Inc. started in business in 1999, and is a subsidiary of Eastern Polymer Group, Bangkok Thailand. Eastern Polymer Group is the world’s leading producer and developer of EPDM rubber products used for thermal and acoustical insulation. Further contact with Aeroflex USA, Inc. may be made by e-mailing or calling 423-337-2493.