Aerocel® ULP® Ultra-Low Permeance

Aeroflex Product - _ULP Pipe

See submittal sheet for detailed operational, performance and material data.

See SDS sheet for safety data.



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Aerocel® ULP® Ultra-Low Permeance


Aerocel ULP offers exceptionally low water transmission, and is a flexible alternative to cellular glass. With a wide temperature operating range, it can be specified for many types of liquid piping systems, from hot water process piping to cryogenic systems. It has everything you would want and expect from a closed-cell pipe insulation – flexibility, moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, etc. Plus, it’s made with a proprietary blend of EPDM rubber that makes it uniquely durable in extreme environments.

Aerocel ULP is available in unslit tubes for slide-on applications and pre-slit with Aeroflex’s SSPT dual tape seam closure.

See submittal sheet for sizes, thicknesses and corresponding R-values.

Specifications compliances

• ASHRAE Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

• IECC, International Energy Conservation Code

• ASHRAE Standard 189.1, International Green Construction Code®

• California Title 24, Building Energy Efficiency Standards

• CDPH Specification 01350, VOC emissions

Key Benefits

• Convenient, slide-on installation for long pipe/copper tube lengths
• Efficient, low-thermal conductivity
• Long lasting – Superior UV AND Moisture Resistance
• Enhanced EPDM performance in a standard pipe insulation
• GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions (VOCs)
• No CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, formaldehyde, nitrosamine or fibers


Refrigeration Systems
Hot and Cold Water Piping
Dual Temperature Systems
Variable Refrigerant Systems

Performance Properties

Continuous Usage Range: -320°F to +257°F ( -196°C to +125°C)
Thermal Conductivity (Btu·in./hr·ft2·°F): 0.245
Water Vapor Permeability (Perm·inch): < 0.01 A flexible alternative to cellular glass.
Fire Rating: 25/50 rated (ASTM E84)
Self-extinguishing (ASTM D635)