Aerotape EPDM Foam Tape


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Aerotape EPDM Foam Tape


Aerotape is a flexible self-adhering foam tape made from the same high-quality EPDM rubber as Aerocel® closed-cell insulation. Ideal for wrapping hot and cold pipe, tubing and fittings. Aerotape is easy to use and prevents condensation, heat gain/loss and frost from forming on cold systems.

Available in 1/8-in.(thickness) x 2-in. (width) x 30 ft. (length) rolls.

Color - Black.

Key Benefits

• Tape consists of same EPDM rubber as insulation, ensuring installation integrity


Refrigeration piping & equipment
HVAC and VRF piping & equipment
HVAC ductwork
Chilled water piping & equipment
Plumbing piping & equipment

Performance Properties

Service Temperature Range: -70°F (-57°C) to +200°F (+93°C) (ASTM C 411)
Water Vapor Permeability (Perm·inch): 0.03 (ASTM E 96)
Water Vapor Absorption (weight %): 0.3% (ASTM C 209)