Protape EPDM Seam Tape

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Protape EPDM Seam Tape


Protape is a self-adhering EPDM rubber tape for sealing glued seams and minor tears of Aerocel pipe and sheet & roll insulation. Protape serves as a double-closure system with zero permeability.

Available in rolls ranging from 1-inch to 5-inches wide x 82 linear feet long x 24 mils thick.

Colors – black and white/gray

Specification Compliances

• CDPH Specification 01350, VOC emissions



• RoHS

Key Benefits

• Zero permeability
• Vapor retarder - protects glued seams from vapor drive
• Tape consists of same EPDM rubber as insulation, ensuring installation integrity
• Provides clean visual appearance
• Excellent UV resistance


Refrigeration piping & equipment
HVAC and VRF piping & equipment
HVAC ductwork
Chilled water piping & equipment
Plumbing piping & equipment

Performance Properties

Service Temperature Range: -70°F (-57°C) to +257°F (+125°C) (ASTM C 411)
UV Resistance: Pass (ASTM G7)
Ozone Resistance: No cracking (ASTM D 1171)
Water Vapor Permeability (Perm·inch): 0.00 (ASTM E 96)
Water Vapor Absorption (weight %): 0.2% (ASTM C 209)
Adhesion Peel Strength: 1.20 (ASTM D 3330)
Elongation: 50% (JIS K6301)
Fire Rating: 25/50 rated (ASTM E 84)
Plenum-Rated: NFPA 90A/90B
Self-extinguishing (ASTM D 635)