Aerocel® ULP®

Aerocel® ULP™ tube and sheet insulation is a highly flexible, closed-cell and lightweight EPDM-rubber based elastomeric product. Aerocel® ULP™ tube and sheet insulation is designed for insulating warm or cold piping, duct, or equipment. The unique formulation of Aerocel® ULP™ provides exceptionally low water transport properties, resulting in water vapor permeance and water absorption characteristics far lower than industry- standard values for vapor retarder products. This allows Aerocel® ULP™ to be used without the need for added vapor retarders in most common HVAC and plumbing applications to meet stringent water vapor transmission and water absorption requirements.

The tightly formed, closed-cell structure of Aerocel® ULP™ pipe and sheet insulation makes it an efficient insulation, providing insulating capacity superior to many materials, including other elastomeric insulations.

Aerocel® ULP™ EPDM elastomeric tube and sheet insulation is supplied in 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 11⁄2” 2”, 21⁄2” and 3” thicknesses, in popular I.D. sizes up to 16” IPS, and as at sheets and rolls.

Aerocel ULP is manufactured to consistently provide actual values on these key performance criteria for mechanical system insulation:

Thermal Conductivity: 0.245
Water Vapor Transmission, Perms: <0.01 perm·in.
Fire Rating: Will not contribute significantly to fire (simulated end-use testing).
Aerocel® ULP™ pipe and sheet insulation, in 1/4” through 2” thickness, has a flame spread rating of 25 or less
and a smoke developed rating of 50 or less as tested by ASTM E 84 “Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.”

Aerocel ULP EPDM pipe and sheet insulation is acceptable for use in air distribution systems including ducts, plenums, air handling equipment and air terminal devices, meeting the re response properties and service temperature requirements detailed in NFPA 90A and NFPA 90B for plenum usage.
Key Features

  • UV Resistant
  • Lower Thermal Conductivity
  • 257° Upper Use Limit
  • E 84 25*50 to 2” Thickness
  • Versatile for Heating, AC, Refrigeration, Solar, Plumbing, Ammonia, Cryogenics
  • Easy to install

Aerocel® ULP™ pipe insulation is used to retard heat gain or loss, and to provide exceptional control of condensation formation, without added vapor control products, on cold water plumbing, chilled water and traditional refrigeration systems. Aerocel® ULP™ also provides exceptional water and water vapor transport resistance to enhance insulation systems on industrial refrigeration and cryogenic service lines. The material also efficiently reduces heat flow on hot water plumbing, liquid heating and dual temperature piping systems. Aerocel® ULP™ sheet is used to insulate large OD pipes, chillers, vessels and tanks, and can be used as a duct liner or duct wrap. The recommended service temperature range for Aerocel® ULP™ insulation is -297°F to +257°F.

Aerocel® ULP™ is designed for installation above and below ground, indoors and outdoors. No protective finish is required.

Resistance to Moisture Vapor Flow
The unique cell structure and composition of Aerocel® ULP™ EPDM insulation effectively retards the flow of moisture vapor. Aerocel® ULP™ is a low-transmittance vapor retarder, requiring no added vapor retarder coatings or jackets in most HVAC applications, including VRF/VRV piping systems. In normal service conditions, Aerocel® ULP™ requires no supplemental vapor retarder protection. When used in extremely low-temperature service such as ammonia refrigeration or cryogenic piping systems, or extremely high humidity conditions, additional vapor barrier materials may be required.

Aerocel® ULP™ pipe insulation in unslit tubular form can be slipped onto piping before it is connected, or it can be slit lengthwise and snapped over piping that has already been installed. Butt joints and other seams are to be sealed with contact adhesive. Fittings can be fabricated from straight tubing or sheet. Larger diameter, curved, or at surfaces can be insulated by adhering properly fabricated sheet sections to them. Consult the Aeroflex Installation Handbook for more complete installation details and instructions.

Aerocel ULP® is designed for installation above and below ground, indoors and outdoors. No protective finish is required.

In addition to the specifications, Aerocel® ULP™ also is approved by or conforms to the requirements of the following: ASTM C 534 Type I and II, NY City
MEA #171-04-M, City of LA RR-8413, UL 181 Section 13 Mold Growth/Humidity, ASTM G 21 Fungal Resistance Test, UL181 Section 18 Air Erosion, NFPA 90A & 90B, MIL15280J, CAN/ULC-S102-07.

Marine Uses
Aerocel® ULP™ has the following marine vessel certifications: Lloyd’s Register IMO/SOLAS, DNV and ABS. These certifications allow for the use of Aerocel® ULP™ in commercial marine vessels such as cruise ships, container ships, tanker vessels, offshore oil rigs and platforms,
tugs, barges, ferries, research vessels, and other kinds of commercial marine vessels.

Aerocel® ULP™ sheet and tube insulations meet the energy code requirements of International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE for R-4 for Refrigeration Piping at 1” wall thickness.