Aerocel® AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers are produced from Aerocel® EPDM Elastomeric Insulation. Aerocel® is a highly efficient thermal insulation that is a flexible, closed-cell, and lightweight EPDM-rubber based elastomeric product. The tightly formed, closed-cell structure of Aerocel® EPDM Elastomeric Insulation makes it an efficient insulation, providing superior insulating capacity to many materials, including other elastomeric insulations.

Aerocel® AeroFit™ Insulating Fitting Covers are designed for insulating warm or cold piping fittings without the need to field-fabricate these shapes, saving labor and providing enhanced project performance. Aerocel® AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers are supplied in ¼”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”,1-1/2” and 2” thickness’, in popular I.D. sizes up to 6” IPS, as copper 90° long-radius and short-radius elbows, and copper refrigeration suction line P-Trap shapes.


  • Now E84 25/50
  • Easy to Install – Lowers Installation Costs,
  • Increases Project Quality – Keeps Job Costs as Estimated
  • UV Resistant – Added Weather Protection
    Not Required, Saves on First Cost and Maintenance
  • Lower Thermal Conductivity – Saves Additional Energy Costs
  • 257° Upper Use Limit – Greater Application
    Range – Cryogenic to Low Pressure Steam
  • E 84 25/50 to 2” Thickness – Lowers
    Installation Costs with Fewer Layers
  • Versatile for Heating, AC, Refrigeration, Solar, Plumbing – Single Product for All Systems


Aerocel® AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers are used to retard heat gain or loss, and to control condensation formation on cold-water plumbing, chilled water, and refrigeration line elbows and suction line P-Traps.

AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers more efficiently reduce heat flow on hot water plumbing, liquid heating, and dual-temperature piping fittings by maintaining a full thickness of Aerocel® insulationover the whole surface area of the fitting.

Aerocel® AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers avoid the common pitfalls of installation associated with sliding elastomeric insulation over piping fittings. The recommended service temperaturerange for Aerocel® Insulation is -297°F to +257°F.