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Never Fear Humidity, Moisture, and Heat Again.

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Aerocel ULP is ideal for hot, humid,
and high moisture conditions.

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Your Protection for Hot, Humid and High Moisture Conditions

Aerocel® ULP with 99%+ closed cell EPDM material combines the moisture resistance performance of cellular glass with superior insulation properties. Low water absorption. Excellent water permeance. And the best advantage of all, Aerocel® ULP is flexible, easy to install and costs substantially less than cellular glass.


Humidity and Moisture Resistance - The high level of humidity and moisture resistance of Aerocel ULP® enhances system life, enhancing insulation investment

ASTM E96 testing, both wet and dry cup, demonstrates that Aerocel® ULP is a vapor retarder by itself – no added barriers are required. Permeance rating of max .01 perm-inch.

Aerocel® ULP is the most resistant insulation material to water absorption – .1% by volume.

Aerocel® ULP protects and maintains the insulating value of the insulation system

Delivers long-term, stable insulating performance. Testing demonstrates a rapid decline in insulation value with increasing moisture content – wet insulation does not insulate.

The high level of humidity and moisture resistance saves energy.

Independent laboratory testing demonstrates that Aerocel® ULP has a permeance rating of max .01 perm-inch, the measure of water vapor resistance required for elastomeric insulation.

Independent testing shows Aerocel® ULP water absorption is .1% by volume.

Aerocel® ULP saves significant cost for additional materials and labor – eliminates added vapor-retarders in typical HVAC and DX refrigeration systems

Aerocel® ULP can be used in conditions that no other insulation can without added moisture protection – outdoors, other intermittent water-soaking environments. This saves on installation cost. Aerocel® ULP is not meant to be used in food processing or other routine wash-down environments without added coverings, like Aerocel® with SaniGuard.

Fiberglass, mineral wool, polisocyanurate (PIR), extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polystyrene (EPS), phenolic resin, and other flexible elastomeric (FEF) insulation materials require the addition of a vapor-retarding material to create water vapor-resistant and moisture-resistant insulation systems.

Cellular glass requires extensive sealing and jacketing to complete the vapor-retarder and water-resistance properties of the insulation system, increasing cost.

Aerocel® ULP with SSPT and Cel-Link II

Aerocel® ULP with SSPT and Cel-Link II seal immediately with no dry/cure time. Ready for service when installed!

Aerocel® ULP – one side to seal, fewer butt-ends to seal. Aeroseal Adhesive is ready to go within minutes of installation

Other cellular insulations have two longitudinal seams and more butt-ends that must be sealed with joint sealant.
- Time to apply joint sealant
- Time for joint sealant to dry before apply added vapor retarder
- More butt seams to seal because of sectional lengths of 24" or 36" vs. Aerocel® ULP at 72"

Aerocel® ULP is ideal for Cryogenic Refrigeration and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Installations

Highly resistant to detrimental humidity and moisture

High level of fire safety

Wide service temperature range of -320°F to +257°F

Excellent size range – up to 16" IPS, and up to 3" wall thickness

Flat stock available for easier site-fabrication of piping specialties – elbows, valves, strainers, flanges


Stays flexible at extreme cold temperatures

Added Features and Benefits of Aerocel® ULP

REAL UV Resistance – long-lived, demonstrated by ASTM G7 and ASTM G90 direct exposure testing

Enhanced Fire Safety Properties – lower risk, rated as Self-Extinguishing by ASTM D635

Helps Prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – increased system life, passed ASTM C665 and ASTM C692 for corrosion testing on carbon steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Low halide content won’t accelerate corrosion.


Water Vapor Resistance – max .01 perm-inch

Moisture Resistance – .1% absorption by volume

Investment Return through Efficiency, Life, and First Cost

Cost and Speed of Installation for Difficult Conditions

Exceptional Performance for Extreme Installations – Extreme Cold in Extreme Humidity and Heat

Additional Properties for Added Systems Life and Safety

Stay protected in the Vapor Zone.

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