*VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd.

*VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd.

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The Ultimate Labor Saver

In addition to being the only insulation inherently designed for VRF/VRV systems, Aerocel® EPDM saves as much as 50% on materials and labor, and saves the owner from repeated insulation replacement and extra cost due to lost energy.

There are numerous benefits to the installer and the end user.

Continuous 257° Service Temperature

VRF/VRV systems are designed to operate at below-freezing to +248°F.

Aerocel® AC can perform from -297°F to +300°F, while Aerocel® SSPT with Cel-Link II performs from -297°F to +257°F.

No other ASTM C 534 Type I, Grade 1 product provides this range of CONTINUOUS service temperature.

Best Water Vapor Resistance

Avoid problems associated with water absorption during the cooling operation of VRF/VRV systems with Aerocel® EPDM's best water vapor transmission resistance.

Aerocel® EPDM seals pipes against water and water vapor intrusion, especially in sub-cooling condensation and roof-mounted systems that are subjected to whatever weather comes along.

Best Size Ranges Available

Most VRF/VRV system manufacturers require ¾" thick insulation, while ASHRAE 90.1 thickness tables, IECC codes, and condensation control needs can demand 2" thick or more.

Aerocel® EPDM insulation is produced in ID/thickness combinations not available in any other material:

  • IDs from ¼" to 2"
  • Wall thickness available in ¾", 1", 1 ½", 2"

Meet the specialized size needs of your VRF/VRV system and keep installations simple and cost effective.

Fire Resistant

VRF/VRV systems are widely used in high-occupancy buildings that require exceptional fire-safety.

Aerocel® EPDM insulation consistently tests lower than ASTM E 84 25/50 flame and smoke ratings, and is exclusively rated by ASTM D 635 as Self-Extinguishing. Aerocel® EPDM is also rated CAN ULC S102.

Lowest VOC Emissions

Aerocel® EPDM insulations, both AC and SSPT with Cel-Link II, meet the need for low or no emission of VOCs or formaldehyde gas.

Whether you're looking to meet sustainable construction requirements or need an specialized installation where fumes are undesirable, Aerocel® EPDM is the perfect solution.


The operating temperatures of a VRF/VRV system are favorable to pipe corrosion. Moisture can leach corrosive components out of other insulation materials, creating a caustic solution that can accelerate pipe corrosion.

In addition, piping that is in heating mode operates at the ideal temperature range commonly identified as most prone to inducing corrosion under insulation.

Aerocel® EPDM is proven not to contribute to the corrosion of piping using industry standard test methods. This includes copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

Real UV Resistance

EPDM rubber has been trusted for years as one of the best UV resistance roofing materials available. That's because it excels in durability in outdoor conditions, especially UV exposure.

In fact, Aerocel® EPDM is the only mechanical insulation material tested by ASTM G 7 and ASTM G 90 for resistance to UV exposure.

Owner Benefits

Reduce First Cost through Reduced Project Cost

Greater Return for Leased-Space Owners

  • Higher occupancy rates – deliver space faster
  • Increase market preference – low VOC and sustainable projects
  • Improve profit margins – lower cost of construction

Keep Space Costs Near Current-State – Cel-Link II Contains Cost for Enhanced Building Characteristics

  • Desires that typically cost more: non-fibrous, reduced risk of emissions and environmental pathogens (microbiological growth, chemical emissions, etc.)

Reduce Long-Term Costs of Facilities Management – Cel-Link II Works

  • Better closure/sealing means longer-lived systems, less for maintenance, repairs
  • Lower energy use/operational costs – avoid failed insulation systems cost through increased costs of energy consumption and damage from condensation

Reduce Costs of Operations and Maintenance – Easier Installation of Aerocel®

  • Maintenance personnel can perform effective repairs or renovations

Contractor/Installer Benefits

Higher Profit

  • Significantly reduce project costs
  • Reduce call-backs/repair cost

More Sales Revenue

  • Competitive cost – more jobs won
  • Faster installations – more jobs done

Easier and Lower-Cost for Low VOC and Sustainable Construction Projects

Keeps Jobs Moving

  • Avoid profit loss of job delays from inclement weather
  • Reduce costs from unexpected delays in project schedules

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