Aeroseal LVOC™

Adhesive for Aerocel Insulation


Aerocel® Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive is a synthetic rubber base contact adhesive formulated for bonding Aerocel® insulating materials firmly together as well as bonding Aerocel® insulation to other substrates. Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive is specially formulated to meet the VOC content requirement of LEED® for special purpose contact adhesives and SCAQMD Rule 1168. Bonding of non-rigid substrates that undergo dimensional changes in use is excellent with Aerocel® Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive. Aeroseal LVOC™ creates strong seams and butt joints that will operate at temperatures up to 257°F. Aeroseal LVOC™ may also be used for adhering sheet insulation to flat and curved surfaces that will operate at temperatures to 300°F. Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive has a high moisture and water vapor resistance and weathering resistance to prevent moisture from penetrating joints, forming a permanent bond to the applied surface for long lasting service.

Directions for Use

Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive may be applied by using a short, stiff-bristled brush, short-nap roller, knife/blade, spray, or dipping. Mix contents thoroughly before use. Thinning is not recommended.

For best bonding results with Aeroseal LVOC™, both surfaces must be dry and clean of any contamination, including oils or moisture, before applying adhesive. Under conditions where condensation may accumulate on surfaces that Aerocel insulation is being applied to, any condensation must be removed before applying the adhesive to the surface.

Apply a thin, even coat of Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive to both surfaces to be bonded. Allow to dry, but still tacky to the touch. Aeroseal LVOC™ will bond immediately upon contact, so it is necessary to position pieces accurately as contact is made.

Moderate pressure should be applied over the entire area to assure that contact is complete. It is recommended that the adhesive not be open for more than 10 minutes at a time and be applied only at temperatures above 40°F. Application below 40°F is not recommended. Where application is in an area that will operate at higher temperatures, it is recommended that the adhesive be cured a minimum of 36 hours to attain heat resistance to the temperatures stated in the description paragraph of this publication. For elevated temperature service, improved heat resistance is gained from prolonged heating after curing.

Although Aerocel® insulation does not require protective coating, if coating is applied, all bonded joints should be allowed to cure for at least 24 to 36 hours. When sheet material is installed requiring full surface coverage of adhesive, it is recommended the insulation be allowed to cure for one full week before coating is applied.

Clean Up

Acetone can be used to clean tools and surfaces to remove Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive.

WARNING: Aeroseal LVOC™ adhesive may dissolve some plastics, foams, and painted surfaces. Test a small area for compatibility on such materials before continuing use.

Read all warnings on label carefully before use.